Simply, Creative Styling Systems will create insightful and innovative solutions for creative professionals and individuals.

Chief Trendformer, Creative Styling Systems

Inventor of ThePUK range

Creative professional and expert in Hair and Make-up artistry (30+ years)

Creative Styling Systems

Innovation at the Core

At Creative Styling Systems (CSS), innovation isn't just a buzzword; it's our guiding star. We're committed to designing and producing top-tier products that blend cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly materials to trendform our industry. Our dedication to minimising environmental impact is woven into every product we create, ensuring that we lead the industry not just in style, but in sustainability too.

Creative Styling Systems

Integrity: Our Foundation

At the heart of our integrity is the belief that open and honest communication is the key to building lasting relationships. CSS strives for transparency in every interaction, ensuring that our customers feel confident and informed about their choices. We take pride in the trust we have earned and continually work to strengthen it by consistently delivering on our promises.

Creative Styling Systems

Uncompromised Quality

At CSS, our commitment to excellence is embodied in our core value: Craftsmanship is important to us, so our products not only look great but also boast functionality and durability. As a company dedicated to elevating the standards of style and innovation, we take pride in the meticulous attention to detail that defines our work.

Creative Styling Systems

Fun: The Heart of Our Creativity

Creativity thrives in a joyous environment, and at CSS, fun is an integral part of our journey. Our team of creatives brings passion and playfulness to every project, ensuring that the process is as enjoyable as the end result. This spirit of fun keeps our ideas fresh, our designs innovative, and our ecosystem’s wellness at its peak.


Continuous Learning: Growing Together

At CSS, we believe that personal and professional growth – it's a part of our ethos born from our founder Kerrie Stanley. We foster an environment where learning is continuous and supported, empowering each team member to expand their horizons and skills. This commitment to growth ensures that we remain at the forefront of our industry, ever-evolving and always improving.

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photo of Kerrie Stanley smiling with pink hair, pink glasses and  a colourful shirt.

Creating insightful and innovative solutions: ThePUK

Our inventor, Kerrie Stanley, has been working over 30 years in the hair and make-up industry for 30 years. While freelancing on-site, Kerrie experienced challenges in accommodating her equipment, particularly finding a secure and efficient area for her hot tools. She identified an opportunity to help creatives and professional stylists by keeping them safer at work, getting better organised, having all the tools at their fingertips and feeling comfortably secure with a new product innovation. She invented ThePUK.

ThePUK was prototyped  in the CSS lab and then rigorously tested by Kerrie’s industry trendsetter buddies. With some tweaks, CSS was proud to present ThePUK, the industry’s most innovative, customisable, stylish must-have accessories for all creative professionals and setters of trends.

Your Professional Utility Kit
Adjustable tool belt, 3 multi-functional holders

Watch Kerrie explain what ThePUK offers professionals across the creative spectrum.

Kerrie is one of the creative industry's leading professionals. 

James, Creative Professional

Few individuals are as accomplished and respected as Kerrie Stanley. Her early career was with Togninis and credits Benni with setting a high benchmark to achieve creative expression and technical excellence. She has driven creativity at every touchpoint of her career and now leads Creative Styling Systems as the Founder, CEO and inventor of ThePUK.

Multi-award-winning milliner

Highly experienced hair and makeup artist across stage and screens

Television and Radio producer, broadcaster, presenter and compere