We see you trendsetters...

To thrive in our industry that's constantly evolving, you’ve got to be ahead of the change. Creative Styling Systems is proud to present ThePUK, the industry’s most innovative, customisable, stylish, must-have product for all professional hair stylists and creative setters of trends.

Hair professionals told us that hot tools create workplace hazards due to their high temperatures which could include burning fingers, scalding bench tops and melting surfaces.

We said no more to hot hazards.

Hot Slot is a heat insulated compartment that takes up to 220℃ of hotness, providing a safe, secure storage solution for your hot hair tools.

Suitable for straightening irons, curling tongs and hair dryers, or as another working storage option for your brushes and comb.

Be safer with Hot Slot.

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We know you have limited bench space, we see the overloaded trolleys, we sympathise with tangled cords and proximity of high-use products inconveniently out of arm's reach. This slows down your productivity.

We said no more to inconvenient accessibility to your professional tools.

The Multi Slot is a large storage space that creates on-your-hip-access to high-use work products. The adjustable internal divider system means just about anything will fit in the slot.

Suitable for hairspray, brushes, combs or any working products.

Everything is at your creative fingertips with Multi Slot.

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Small styling items like pins and clips can quickly become misplaced among the array of tools and products. This leads to valuable time being wasted searching or organising them.

We said no more to disorganisation wasting our time.

Magneto uses the magic of magnet panels to keep your pins and clips in one place. The adjustable internal divider system makes the space customisable so important smaller items are always organised, which saves you time and the frustrating clean up of bobby pins.

Suitable for bobby pins, section clips, pin curl clips, wig pins and make-up touch-ups,
Be smartly organised with Magneato.

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Revolutionising Fit

It’s irritating and frustrating when you don’t have the confidence or trust in the items around you.

We said no more to standardisation

ThePUK belt is constructed from ultra-strong 3D 600D mesh to be sturdy and comfortable. The combination of adjustable industrial velcro and the metal clasp will keep you secure. Add any of ThePUK range.

Suitable for adding:

Hot Slot

Multi Slot


Feel comfortably secure.

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