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ThePUK Belt

ThePUK Belt

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ThePUK belt is designed to securely accommodate the PUK components. The belt has two layers of fabrications for comfort and durability.

Sizing and Composition

SMALL (S): 72 -86 cm (28 - 34 in)

MEDIUM: 78 - 104 cm (31 - 44 in)

LARGE: 98 - 140 cm (38 - 55 in)

Width: 5 cm (2 in)

Velcro: 7 ½ cm (3 in) x 4 ½ cm (2 in)

The sizing is customizable and secured with velcro and a metal clasp.

When selecting your belt size, consider the intended placement (hips, waist)

With the belts extended note the velcro won't overlap past its length of 7cm however this does not compromise the stability of the belt.

100% recycled 600D Polyester, 3D mesh, elastic, Metal clasp, Velcro.

  • Do not wash
  • Wipe with a damp cloth
  • Spray with alcohol
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  • Purpose

    Constructed to accommodate multiple units, the belt consists of two layers of fabrications, ensuring both comfort and robustness for long-term use.

  • Sizing

    The size can be easily customized and secured with velcro and a resilient metal clasp.

  • Materials

    100% recycled 600D Polyester, 3D mesh, elastic, metal clasp, Velcro.

    - Water resistant and easy to clean.